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    The comeback of USMNT cap Frankie Simek from a terrible knee injury today got me thinking. When Simek was a youth player with Arsenal, he was considered to be an inferior prospect to his fellow American Danny Karbassiyoun. Where as Frank was a fullback who had played some centre back, Danny was signed as a forward, played midfield, left back, AND centre back. Anyhow, I knew that Frank got a fairly steady gig with Wednesday not long after being cut by Arsenal, but I hadn't heard from Danny since HE was cut by the Gunners and signed with Burnley.

    Good ol' Wikipedia. Danny also injured a knee after playing in only 6 matches, but his never healed enough for him to play professionally again. He retired at the age of 21 and, according to Wiki, he scouts American prospects for Arsenal.

    However, in my search, I was reminded that Danny scored for Arsenal against ManCity in the Carling Cup on his first team debut. It was one of only three first team matches he played -- all three in the CC -- and his only first team tally. And, the goal is cherce. Here it is, from October 2004:


    It's amazing just how ephemeral a sports career can be. Anyhow, I was just thinking.
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    Thanks for the background Don. For some reason I've heard of Karbassiyoun even though that was a good two hears before I was following soccer.

    Here's my ?. I watched the youtube clip and it looked like everything was happening very slowly compared to the English footy I'm used to seeing. My imagination? Or is it that I just came back from a party with a bunch of Brazilians telling me how the skilled, slower soccer of Mexico is better than the US (national teams they were talking).
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